Promenaid Handrails For All Walks of Life

Innovation in step with the way you live. Welcome to a new era in freedom of movement. A breakthrough in personal mobility-Promenaid, people of all ages have a helping hand to move freely about the house. The world’s first code-compliant continuous handrail combining elegance, versatility, and easy installation, Promenaid handrails can climb stairs and navigate any corner or change in slope so you can safely go where you want to go.

Promenaid handrails are smart styling to complement any home indoor or out, Promenaid’s real wood and rich metallic finishes enhance your home. Promenaid goes wherever you need to go, simple and speedy to install in one day.

Ergonomic aluminum, articulating elbows for any corner, slope transition, or contour change. Patented twist-lock brackets easily pivot for slopes and support over 500 pounds each.

Go anywhere, versatility, exceeding performance expectations, smart and sustainable, no more need to sacrifice style for security. With Promenaid you can have it all.

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